We are available 24/7 throughout the year to assist you or your loved one to live independently in the comfort of your home.

Our Care Packages

We deliver a range of care services from companionship to night care round the clock  24/7,  all days of the year.

Live-in Care

We offer round the clock, superior and quality support and companionship to you or your loved one. Our Carer will move in with you, delivering bespoke care services and support. 

Our care plans are exclusive as they meet more than just your physical needs but also your goal and interest. This gives space for internal growth, autonomy and peace of mind.

Amflo Care Services Carers are here to support you to do a wide range of activities, from daily errands, meal preparation and shopping. Our care package also includes cleaning, medication administration and management.

Rest assured knowing that there is another person in the house who can assist you in any case of unanticipated need or emergency.

End of Life Care

Our Carer will maximise your comfort at home instead of continuing to stay at a hospital which allows you or your loved one to spend much needed quality time with your  families when you have reached the final stages of life.

Our Carers are here to take care of all your daily tasks, create a compassionate and positive environment for the whole family so that your beloved will be comfortable and in the best hands.

Get in touch with us so that we can arrange a hustle free assessment to see how best we can support you through these difficult times. Feel safe and supported round the clock.


Do not feel or be lonely. We can match you with trusted, familiar and friendly Carer to provide you with regular company. Amflo Care Services is here to support you or your loved one with daily activities in order to enable autonomy and prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness, which can have adverse impact on a person’s health and well-being.

We structure your care depending on your history, likes, dislikes and what sort of topics are you interested in. You are then matched with a Carer with similar personality and likes so that you can develop genuine friendship and build trust.

Let us help you regain or enable your independence by getting you out in the community and boosting your self-esteem.

Respite Services

Our Respite services is structured to provide flexibility to care workers when they take a break or vacation as we have a team to fill in their regular duties. This short stay can be between a week or four weeks. You or your loved one will continue to benefit from the same level of quality care and support as from your Primary care givers.

We have two types of Respite Services:

Live-in Care: A temporary care option which provides your loved one with 24 hour care throughout the day and night.

Visiting Care: An intermittent care option that varies from showing up for  a cordial chat, helping with daily tasks.

We also offer emergency Respite care if there is a family emergency or something unexpected comes up.

Night Support

Even if the day ends, our Carers will continue to ensure that you are taken care of as you sleep. We have certified professionals who provide quality care. From helping you or your loved one with toilet breaks, helping you change positions or support with medication.

Our Carers monitor your overall health and well-being so that you can get a better night’s sleep. Have peace of mind knowing that help is only a call away. We are here to make sure that you or your loved one are happy.

Complex Care

Do you or your loved one require managing a complex medical condition? Are you unsure of what type of care is suitable for you? Do not worry, Amflo Care Services is here to guide you through the process and advise you on which care is suitable for your needs.

We have Carers that are highly trained and experienced to cater for you or your loved one if you have either spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury, respiratory care and tube feeding.

We can arrange a care plan that suit you and your family, providing quality care services tailor-made for you.

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